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 Vice Minister Wei Chuanzhong meets Costa Rican guests

The AQSIQs Vice Minister Wei Chuanzhong met with Costa Rican Ambassador to China Marco Vinicio Ruiz and his entourage in Beijing, March 15. The two sides held friendly exchanges on issues including bilateral trade of agricultural and meat products.

Wei said, both China and Costa Rica are developing countries. The two countries are highly complementary in economy, with especially great potential for development in bilateral trade of farm products. The relevant documents signed between the AQSIQ and Costa Rica's Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) in 2010 have not only embodied the friendly cooperation ties between the two sides, but promoted the healthy and steady development of bilateral economic and trade relations. Costa Rica is an important partner of China in the Caribbean region. Since the two countries established diplomatic relations in 2007, the bilateral political ties have witnessed rapid development, exchanges at various levels become frequent, and the bilateral economic and trade cooperation strengthened. The Free Trade Agreement officially signed in April 2010 has laid a more solid foundation for the further development of trade and economic relations. The AQSIQ and the MAG have established close contacts and carried out good cooperation.

Ruiz said that the AQSIQ, as a government agency in charge of national quality inspection, also plays an important part in promoting international trade. Implementation of the FTA has deepened the bilateral trade and expanded the areas and scope of bilateral trade cooperation. Ruiz extended his gratitude to the AQSIQ for the cooperation developed with the Costa Rican Embassy to China over the past years, hoping that the two sides could further cooperation to boost the sound development of bilateral trade.

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